Lala Phezulu 2016

Off road, off the ground in our roof top tent!

What a incredible start to something which will now become a yearly event!

We not only have fantastic customers but now are blessed to have them as friends to, thank you to all of you that made it out to our event this year!

Next year bigger and Better…

Great setups- Robert & Cathy winning best glamping, Rod & Tia the most unique, Best battle scar to Shaun & Jenny & The best gear head went to Jim in his incredible rig!

Rod & Tia lucked out winning the draw of the frontier stove..!


Get your roof top tent and join our roof top tent family, next year dates are set for July14-16th

Join us and lets have some fun!




Setting up your roof top tent..

It is a total breeze once you know how to do it, a few simple steps to get you on your way

  • Unzip and remove the cover.
  • Release the side velcro straps on the tent
  • Use the ladder as a lever to open the tent.
  • Slide the ladder out starting at the base of the ladder until the locking pins in each side engage. 
  • Always keep the base of the tent level to the ground, not tilting up or down. The ladder sits firmly on the ground making a 60° with the ground. Assure all steps on the telescoping ladder are locked.
  • Check that the mattress fabric is not pinched in the hinge.
  • Climb the ladder and enter the tent. Release the bungee cords inside the tent.
  • Retrieve the steel tension rods used to set up the window awnings and rain fly.
  • Place the steel tension rod hook through the grommet on the awning or rain fly and then insert the other end through the lower grommet on the base of the skirt and into the hole at the base of the tent. This may require you to bend the rod slightly to align with the hole at the base.

 Annex room Instructions 
  • The Annex room entrance is extended by removing the U-Shaped canopy support bar from inside the tent and inserting it into the receiver tubes at either side of tent base. 
  • After the canopy support bar is installed stretch the canopy over the bar and pull down towards the ground. 
  • The canopy can be secured to the ground by staking the ropes on either side of the canopy securely to ground. 
  • Please note that the travel cover will need to be removed prior to attaching the annex room as it is attached to the tent base in a in the same channel on the hinge side as the travel cover.
  • The floor attaches to the annex room sides by Velcro  along all four sides. 
  •  Stake out and properly secure the annex room to the ground.
The ladder can be held up to the base of the tent using the velcro straps to maximize the annex room space, do not use the inside of the tent without the ladder support.

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-18C Camping in a Varanger Camp

I always find this time of year the toughest, I think for me the worst part being an ex South African is not seeing enough sunlight in winter… this winter seems particularly bad and full of grey cold days…snow storm after snow storm… but there is always light at the end of the tunnel…

We recently shipped out a varanger camp to a customer in Ontario and received some really nice feed back and that is enough to make my day feel sunny and warm 🙂

Spent my first practice night in the tent in the backyard.  Best sleep I’ve had in a long time.   Only got down to about -18C so not yet a true test but certainly very comfortable.  I left the tent up for a couple of days including a fairly major snowstorm and it was perfect.

Thanks Mike


Below is a photo of the top hat where the chimney exits, this vent can be opened or closed with the strings on the inside of the tent. You can also see the drying rack that comes with the tent, to hang dish cloths or socks etc.


  You can also purchase additional racks below to hold your kettle or lights or boots 🙂



The above photo shows the inner tent with a frontier Stove for heat. Attached to the frontier stove is the water heater which is super nice to always have hot water on tap. The water is heated up via the chimney and works very well. Alternatively you can go for the more expensive Helsport stove below, which works extremely efficiently.

Here is a Helsport stove being used in the Valhall tent. This tent has a spacious vestibule room big enough to accommodate table and chairs in the middle and on either end can accommodate two inner tents for additional warmth in the winter camping months. It has 6 entries and two entries with mosquito netting. Because of the numerous guy lines, like the varanger, this tent too will stand up well in howling winter storms or summer wind and rain storms.



So come on out and lets play during these cold winter months, if you love camping why stop just because its winter, here are some really cool options to be able to stay warm and enjoy the outdoors when its chilly, snowing or raining…



A little warmth on a cold day…

The Frontier Stoves are extremely popular with those that love the outdoors.

Many people have used it in different weather conditions and it has provided great results to all of them. This can clearly be seen from the customer testimonials available on the Internet. We have even had surfers buying the tent to warm up with after a chilly dip in the Atlantic!

The weight is significantly low, which helps when travelling from one place to another. The legs of the stove lock well to the ground both in open and closed positions. The stove pipes store inside the stove box and this feature enhances the mobility of this product as it also has a handle on the side for potability

.Fronier Stove Badger Bushcraft Review

It is equipped with a well-designed damper to ensure proper air control inside the stove. You can use this in order to control the amount of fuel burnt and get the ideal temperature for your health and cooking purposes. there is also a hot plate on the stove for if you want to cook on open flame


The flue sections of Frontier stove slot well into each other and you can purchase extra pieces in order to make the chimney as long as you require it to be. The water heater is equipped with a user friendly carry handle and a tap and slips onto the side of the chimney to be heated. This is an optional extra. The water heater has a lid that slides easily and prevents any debris falling into your water.

Fronier Stove Water Heater Jacket

This stove is extremely popular due to its fuel burning capacity and heat output. Keep the damper open when loaded full of wood to allow maximum air flow, thereby enabling you to enjoy the maximum benefits of you stove. once you have a good set of coals you can turn the damper down.

Fronier Stove Badger Bushcraft Review

The frontier stove is ideal for heating water and making food, not to mention you can go hot tenting anytime in winter and never be cold. Cooking is perfect on the frontier stove, as there is no smoke to contend with while using it, since the smoke goes up and away from your face. If you are using the frontier stove with a tent, make sure you have a spark arrestor on the top and for tents that do not accommodate stoves, make sure the fabric is fire resistant and that you use all safety measures. The frontier stove does have a heat shield mat for the bottom of the stove for hot coals and there are tent kits and shed kits for the flue to go through. However i suggest using this stove with a Helsport Tipi/Lavvu as these tents are designed specifically to accommodate a stove and are perfect for hot tenting.

The Frontier Stove is a great user friendly stove, it is affordable and can be used for many purposes, heating sheds, hot tenting, camping, cooking. We have used ours under a tarp while camping that way keeping us dry in the rain and still being able to cook and stay warm. it is totally functional and user friendly.

Check them out at



IMG_0954 IMG_0958

Karesuando Knives

Karesuando Handmade Knives

You are in for a treat now, we just received our first batch of these beautifully made Karesuando knives. They are made in Sweden 235Km North of the Arctic circle. These products can be found in the harsh Arctic climate. The Raw materials are taken from the surrounding nature.Leather, horns and bones of reindeer, and birch wood are the most common components.

These knives are handcrafted products which are adapted to the harsh Arctic climate, with the crackling northern lights and shining midnight sun. They make genuine products shaped by nature’s raw materials and ancient crafting traditions.

These knives are not only beautiful but sit very well in the hand, very comfortable. The sheaths are very well made with plastic inserts.  So drop on by our website and see which knife will best suit your next outdoor adventure. I personally chose the Damascus Steel curly rose blade on the left with the Hunter 10  handle of oiled curly birch and reindeer antler. If you are prepared to wait a few weeks these knives can be made to specific order. Or you can chose from the selection on our website

Winter Camping in a Varanger Camp

Varanger Camp

The most perfect way to camp in the cold months.

Don’t stop camping just because its winter… all you need is a Varanger and a wood stove for the most wonderful winter camping experience! Enjoy your camping experiences year long, there is nothing better than being outdoors, so play outside on the cold winter days and come back to a warm wood stove in a cozy Varanger, no need to huddle or shiver just relax and enjoy!